Underwater Activities while Snorkeling

What do you do with your newfound ability to keep your head submerged and amazing visibility beneath the high seas? At a minimum, most people snorkel to view and interact with underwater wonders such as coral reefs, exotic fish, or shipwrecks. But that’s just the beginning!


With the crystal clear vision you’ll get through modern lenses, and some anti-fog, your ability to see will be just as good as it is out of the water as long as conditions are clear. Alot of people collect vibrant shells, rare rocks, or other inanimate treasures to be found under the sea.




Another idea is collecting sponges or coral, but this requires much more caution as there may be unknown dangers around these areas. If you want to try this you should first consult with local wisdom to find out what the risks are in the area you plan to explore. Another tip is to wear diving gloves, or better yet a wetsuit or other diving clothes that will add a layer of safety protecting you from the threats of the deep.


Another fun thing is to feed fish, especially around coral areas. You can see an entire ecosystem around a reef, and witness how the fish interact with their surroundings. But this all gets turned on its head when the fish know there is free food coming. The most important thing to remember with feeding fish is to not allow the fish to eat the food directly from your hand because they will often start a “feeding frenzy” and you’ll suddenly have anywhere from 50 to 100 fish all biting your hands and YES it will hurt and you will have scratches and bruises.
This is why its much more advisable to hold some food tightly in your fist until you are ready to “feed” them, and then stick your hand above the surface and throw the food at least 5 feet away from you and watch as all the fish swarm around to attack the food. The fish will try to eat almost anything but they do have preferences, and they can tell the difference between food, rocks, and sand. A good food that's cheap to buy is frozen peas.
How about harpooning? Also known spearfishing, one’s implement can be a simple sharpened stick or a masterfully crafted carbon shaft with a stainless barbed spear. Many take this up as a fun pastime, spotting their prey from above and honing skills to sneak up and strike. While some do this for sport, spearing exotic fish around a precious reef, it's much more respectable to only go after a fish you intend to eat.




Another cool idea is to film your underwater adventures using an underwater GoPro camera. Capturing your activities beneath the waves in full HD can make for a winning souvenir from any snorkel trip. There are snorkel or scuba masks available that have GoPro mounts on them for hands-free operation. There are also sticks and poles you can get for some selfie action, but make sure you get one that can float!



Lastly, there is a actually mask that has a camera built-in! Check it out below:


Whichever underwater activities you intend to partake in, don’t forget that safety is #1. Always look out for number one under the water, and you should never venture out alone. Second, please have respect for aquatic life and the environment wherever you go. You wouldn’t have it in the first place if someone else had destroyed it!

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