Snorkeling for Kids…


Children can get in on the fun of snorkeling too! Depending upon age, you can gradually introduce your children to the proper, and comfortable use of snorkeling equipment. After purchasing a properly sized mask, you can start by letting you kids experiment with fitting and using the snorkel and mask in the bathtub at home. Its important to make sure the mask gets a good fit on their faces, adjusting the strap so that its not too tight yet is watertight for extended periods. One tip is to ensure there no stray hair stuck between the mask seal and the child’s face.


After establishing familiarity with the use of the mask and snorkel in the bathtub, you can graduate your kids to the swimming pool, and try out fins. Youngsters usually love fins and should quickly catch on. For weaker swimmers, an inner tube and or floaters can assist greatly in establishing confidence. Its a good idea to start practicing slightly more advanced tasks such as blowing water out of the snorkel’s purge valve, and repositioning or emptying the mask, and going over safety considerations and emergency plans.


After this, you might be ready to move on to the high seas, and it's highly advisable to seek out the calmest water possible to introduce a child to seawater, as wavy water conditions tend to be unnerving to young snorkelers.



Children are quick to catch on to anything, and snorkeling is no exception. As long as you gradually step things up you may very well be surprised at just how fast they find their sea legs and confidence while snorkeling.

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