The Basics



Snorkeling is one of the best and most fun ways to jump right in and enjoy natural waterscapes. As a water activity it combines the best of swimming, diving, and exercise in a way that enables constant exploration of the world beneath the waves with minimal equipment, and no training or licensing required.



Snorkeling requires a minimum of some basic equipment, namely a mask and a snorkel. There are also some other items that make snorkeling more enjoyable such as fins and will usually be found bundled with together with a mask and snorkel in a snorkeling set.




If you plan on snorkeling at least a couple of times, you should consider buying a snorkeling set. Why buy? Borrowing or renting comes with a sanitation risk. If the snorkel and mask wasn’t properly cleaned or stored, it could put you at risk for contact with germs, viruses, mold, or mildew.

Also if any of the equipment is in bad shape, you won’t be having a good time. A foggy or leaky mask, or a leaking snorkel tube will make it impossible to enjoy a snorkeling experience.



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